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Why Shop at the Mall at

Why shop?  Why not? Your toothpaste or that latest bestseller you can't
put down could help make a difference where it really counts: helping the shelter that saved your puppy - walking for the cure - buying little league uniforms for disadvantaged kids.  Don't think your shopping can help?

It can.  Take a look at what the Featured Cause can do with just $1.
Or check out how much an average month's shopping can raise in our
Shopper Profiles

And yes, we employees do shop for our favorite causes too.  Feeling nosey?  Take a peek into our shopping habits & accomplishments at the Insider Shopper Profile.

Featured Cause

Felines, Inc. cares for over 200 homeless cats in Rogers Park, IL.  Here´s what their supporters´ donations can buy.


What it means for Felines, Inc.


129 paper plates


a leukemia vaccine


a 20 lb. bag of cat food


a spay surgery


25 bags of kitty litter

Shopper Profiles

Here's what just a little friendly competition and a few purchases a month can raise.




Book-lover with a home office


Parent of three: 1 dog, 2 kids

Her cause: local homeless shelter


His cause: town outreach program






The Century,
P. Jennings



Border Collie
toy box


Oprah´s Book
ClubTM Selection



kids´ magazine subscription





Pokemon games


Palm Pilot



Pet bed


Printer Paper



40 lb. bag dog food


Ballpoint pens



school backpack



Emily´s Total Contribution
for February:



Peter´s Total Contribution
for February:


Insider Shopper Profile

Suzanne : Employee

Her cause: Hospice of Napa Valley

With a very active 10 month old and a demanding (but ever-rewarding) job, Suzanne doesn´t have time to drive to the mall, maneuver her way through the crowds, search through 3 floors of merchandise, only to discover the baby safety gate she´s looking for is out of stock. 

So what does she do?  Clearly, (and as required under her job contract) she shops the Mall at






Eddie Bauer Kids




Baby Universe










Suzanne's contributions for
just this year:


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