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$10,000 Holiday Video Contest

Contest Prizes:

Prize Level Number
First Place
Grand Prize
1 $1,000 to the winning video's cause
$250 Amazon gift card to the iGive member who entered it
Second Place
Second Place
2 $500 to the second place videos' causes
Third Place
Third Place
5 $250 to the third place videos' causes
Fourth Place
Fourth Place
10 $125 to the fourth place videos' causes
First 100 Videos To Get 10 Votes
Early Bird
100 $50 to the causes (limit one per cause) of each of the first 100 videos submitted which also get votes from at least 10 different members.

About Your Video Entry:

Create a fun video about your favorite cause or charity, and how shopping with iGive helps support it. Get the kids and pets involved! Think about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and holiday themes. Here are our rules:
  • Videos must be 2 minutes or less in length.
  • The end of your video must have a sign or screen showing your cause's iGive join link.
  • Nothing obscene or offensive. No people or animals are hurt.
  • Videos may be submitted from November 1, 2010 through November 30, 2010.

Sample Video #1

How To Enter Your Video:

Here are the basic rules (see this page for full rules):
  • Upload your video to your YouTube account. You'll need the URL to the video for our entry form. The URL will look something like this: [URL to our sample video]
  • Log into your iGive account and submit your video.
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  • Hold on to your original video file! Winners must provide us with the original video so we can post it to our YouTube channel.

Sample Video #2

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