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Repair vehicle/NotBeHomelessWhenVehicleIsFixed/WorkAgainWithWorkingVehicle

Sunnyside , Washington

Cause Description:
I've been homeless now for almost 3 months because my vehicle broke down and no vehicle means no place for my dog while I work and no work means no income to fix vehicle or even get a motel it's so nasty I haven't had a shower in over two weeks I haven't been able to work because my I can't even make it to an event with my dog I was gonna work and save to get a camper to tow with my suburban I bought. My last vehicle I used got me all around the United States from Oregon to Idaho to Washington, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and California I wanted a bigger vehicle than the Acura which is why I bought the suburban but with the vehicle broke down the day after I bought it heading back to Idaho and the few people with mechanic jobs or at least have experience and knowledge with working on vehicles and ive gotten several different statements. Now to clarify I am the stereotypical girl that does not know anything else besides how to change tires,brakes, spark plugs and changing the oil. But even with what I do know it still has nothing to do with the more important systems in my vehicle like the engine, radiator, transmission,and anything electrical. So the statements I received from several people looking at my vehicle ranges from my engine is seized others say it's not seized but the engine has to be taken apart and fix things inside of it if I wanted to have a rebuilt engine or to get a new engine both cost so much. The worse part is I spent every penny I had buying my vehicle because I wanted something bigger than the car and my teenage brother in Hayden Idaho needed one because he decided to surprise everyone by announcing he's going to be a dad and I knew he would need a car for his girlfriend for doctors appointments and such and if he relied on our parent's he would have had nothing because that's how my parents were my whole life just so into drugs and no responsibility or accountability as parents should be it's one of the reasons i am so against drugs or even drinking because i grew up watching my parents not act like responsible parents 98 % of the time I felt like the parents and that's why I helped my little brother and being how family should be with there family when they see they need help I wanted him to have a chance to be better than our parents like I've been trying every day since I left home I gifted him my car and paid for his new registration and all the fun fees they like to charge then i made him drive me five hours so i buy the vehicle id been saving for it's a Chevy suburban k1500 series 1994 and one of the reasons I bought it well there was several but this is me I'm talking about who doesn't truly know what's good in a vehicle and what to look for when you are buying a vehicle but I really liked the fact that for being a 94 it only had 156,000miles and it was still the original motor, it wasnt rebuild everything was original on it with only one owner and I thought family was suppose to help and not rip off family because yes it had brand new brand new tires with less than 50 miles on them anr new belts ive come toan understanding recently that i paid way to much for the vehicle with paying the taxes to have it put in my name and the cost I ended up shelling out my entire savings account I had been saving for a vehicle I bought the vehicle thinking I was making a good decision and don't get me wrong I'm in love with the suburban I just wish it didnt break down and and getting a camper I could tow was going to be my next goal since the suburban could tow a camper so I spent 8700$ for the vehicle. And low and behold my uncle I bought It from had left town the next day I bought It,his studio apartment was completely empty the last time I saw him about 3 months ago the day before he left cause hebmust have known the vehicle was gonna break and be an expensive fix he didn't stick around very long at the licencing office after that day I have not heard or seen my uncle even once. So I got screwed pretty bad by draining my savings and then the last 200 I put in gas because it was a gas guzzler only getting 12 miles a gal and the day after it was in my name with new plates and tabs it really hurts my heart deeply that my own uncle blood family could do that to his own neice I had to drive back to were I was living so about a five hour drive and about 3 and a half maybe four hours into the drive it suddenly without warning, no warning gauges came on, it never smoked and didn't leak any fluids it didn't even make any funny noises or I would have pulled over it pretty much just died and the steering wheel almost locked up as I was driving at 70mph but I was barely able to get it on the side of the road but I managed the I literally had no money after gas and buying the suburban and paying licensing fees and tabs and plates to the point were I didn't even have money for one item at the dollar store I still owe my grandparents and would like to pay them back within a year is my goal because they spent what little they had in there savings to pay the tow truck driver after having my suburban towed to my grandparents. They have multiple big big dogs. They said I couldn't stay with my dog here because there dogs would get into a fight with my dog which would be bad so I didn't argue because I couldn't afford a vet because bill if something happened. But they are allowing me to have my suburban sit on there property while I try to get it fixed if I could just have a miracle in my life for once now is the time I would ask and pray for a blessing to come my way before winter I'm scared with winter approaching yeah I've been homeless for almost three months but that was summer weather I don't want to get sick or my dog or freeze to death while I sleep in the park some nights and other nights by the river while my dog has to protect me from the occasional drug induced person that tries to mess with me I don't think I would be as safe being homeless and female if I didn't have my dog Now before all this crazy and crappy series or events happened I had and still have the most amazing job, I neve believed in the statement if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life until I became a stagehand and that's what I found I enjoy even the hard work at times I had and I still have a job as a stagehand just can't make it to concerts and events to work with no running vehicle. I traveled around so much with my last car but like I said I needed something more roomy because cars and me don't mix because I'm so tall being 6 foot 1 as well as I planned on getting a vehicle that was big so me and my dog had more room than the Acura car I had before I have nowhere to put my dog while i work any concerts or events,not that I could make it to any events to work with no running vehicle my dog who is almost 4years old ane ive raised him since he was six weeks old even helped him beat and recover from parvo at less than a year old my dog motivates me to keep trying and never give up or lose hope. I still am employed with my stagehand company backstage electric but I have not been able to sign up and work any events with no way there and nowhere for my dog while I work especially because most events your working from anywhere between six am-9am all the way until midnight at the earliest or 4pm and the events and festivals that take anywhere between 24hrs-72hrs so long hours which I never minded it did not bother me working long hours since the pay was good at 25$ an hour basically I've heard that my vehicle at the bare minimum is gonna cost me around 3000$-3500$ but thats if i do the labor which probably isnt the smartest nor could I with no tools or knowledge and the most ive been told is it would cost around 5500$-6500$ including parts and labor of mechanics which is why ive been homeless for almost three months because i have no way of working while im homeless with my dog who i refuse even if it means im stubborn, i dont abandon an animal thats known me. Basically there entire weeks,I got him early at six weeks but I picked him out the day my friends dog was giving birth so I have been in his life since day one. And not being able to work I haven't been able to make any money besides sitting on the side of the road begging for help asking for change so my dog has dogfood all the time and I was able to keep my phone bill paid begging for change on stoplights with a cardboard sign I use my food stamps and budget them out while I'm homeless so I can eat at least once a day I try not to eat twice a day because I would not make it the whole month I've called and even went in person to dshs to have my food stamps raised because when I was working i made good money and they were only giving me 87$ in food stamps a month and even after pleading with them on the phone and in person that i wasnt making that much anymore infact I wasn't and still am not making any money besides begging for change and they still have not increased my food stamps like other homeless people ive met these past couple months are all without income and they get 291$ in food stamps every month. I feel like life has it out for me so much this past few months it's been so hard I'm trying but it takes a toll mentally when no one wants or is able to help so I can not be homeless and get back on my feet I don't know if you are understanding and want to help and have a kind heart who donates because you actually just want to help people because you are in a position to help others and if that's correct then god bless you and thank you for having such a beautiful heart in a world that's full of darkness. I've managed to keep my phone on these past months so I could apply for anything from unemployment to government grants to asking for financial assistance from dshs but even with proof I haven't been able to work in about three months now i keep getting denied for any type of financial help and my phone will be shut off on the 21st of this month because I couldn't get the money for it so now I'm just so stressed and depressed but my dog does help a lot with my depression I don't know if I would have had the courage to keep living these past four years but he motivates me to strive to be better and keep trying because I'f I'm doing good that means I can make sure he's doing good and I love my dog he deserves the best and I want to give him that life. I figured it was worth a shot seeing it you can send whatever you can, if I can just raise the money to fix it it would solve everything I could start to sign up to work events again with my company and have a safe place for my dog while I do work, everything would aline perfectly if I can just get my suburban fixed, I got this with the intention of livin in it while i work and save for a camper i can haul with my suburban which is why I want to get my suburban fixed it may suck alot of gas out but I could go back to signing up for events and concerts that are 24-48 hour events and shows which at 25$ gas doesnt become a concern. I'm praying that this isn't just a fake website to get people's hopes up and then crush them and I'm sorry if that came off as rude it's just I've tried for three months to find a way to get the money to fix my vehicle but ive just managed that to get enough for my dog to eat and I've just been given false hope in the past as well as one person stealing the only 20$ I had after they led me to believe they would help and were going to give me 9000$ so I could get my vehicle fixed and they said I would be able to get a motel with my dog for a month so we had somewhere safe to sleep while the mechanic shop worked on fixing the vehicle but after I cried for about half an hour thinking someone was finally going to help I gave my routing and account numbers so they could transfer that money in my account they took the only 20 my boss was nice enough to send me at the time even after explaining how hard and depressing my life was with one bad thing after another i really had my hopes up that i was being given a blessing finally but it wasnt a blessing, i basically got kicked down in the dirt and spit on in my eyes. My phone number is 5097592047, you can call or text me but I can not get my hopes up again with being promised financial help only to be robbed instead. If you do text I can also send photos of my vehicle and the video of it I could really really really use a blessing to help in my dark times I'm gonna pray you just like helping honest people in there hard times hence why you get to read a whole book basically with how much I typed but I wanted you to understand everything going on and how it's got me to be homeless for almost three months and not able to work so I wanted you to have a detailed account of events to make a decisive decision if you are real. I pray for a miracle but I can not let myself have any more hope than to pray to the Lord because I can't get my hopes up to be shattered if you can help here is my cashtag sign for cash app on the off chance you will and want to help me $ineedmoney6927. My PayPal is kckleinow496 after having the only 20 I had stolen I'm not ready to give out my banking information, I don't have anything for anyone to steal in my bank but after my money was stolen I'm scarred and not as trusting of people's word they will help

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