You Shop. Your Charity Gets Money. For Free. 

1800 stores that want to help.

On average 3% (AmazonSmile was only a half a percent). Stores pay for it all. Never pay more, and sometimes less with coupons and deals.

From pet rescues to 3rd grade classrooms, and on to fighting some of the most terrible diseases, iGive has been helping ordinary people make their shopping count for more.

Why do stores pay for it all?

Our retailers believe you'll be a great customer and you'll tell your friends. They like being good corporate citizens, helping to support YOUR favorite cause or charity. They even pay iGive, so when you see the amount or percentage being donated before you make a purchase, 100% of that is actually donated, period.

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Every shopper
makes a



Since 1997



Has been sent to



Active iGive Members average


annually for their cause.

450,000 people are helping the causes they care about, simply by shopping, and all for free.

Whether the cause is big or small, it always needs more money to accomplish its goals. You can help, simply by doing what you normally do, at no cost to you or your cause.


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You can list any cause, big or small, including schools, churches, disease research groups, social outreach efforts, classrooms, kids' teams, local PTA, arts organizations, and any other organization that is dedicated to doing good.

Any cause in the U.S. or Canada qualifies - and 501(c)3 nonprofit status is not required.


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